Taking time to enjoy life.

Hey there.  Happy Wednesday.  Happy sunny and hot Wednesday if you’re in my part of the world.  Because it’s summer.


Two weeks ago we got back from Paris.  Do you remember how I wrote about how it was on my life list to eat French toast with the one that I love in Paris?  Funny thing about that…French toast doesn’t exist in France.  Or at least in Paris.  But you know what does?  Delicious, flaky, buttery, decadent, fresh-baked croissants.  So I modified my life list and crossed off “Eat Fresh Croissants with the one that I love in Paris”.

And eat them we did.

Here is another thing I learned about Paris, specifically about the wonderful people who live there (this may also apply to other European countries but I can only speak to France).  They relax a lot more than their North American counterparts.  One of my favourite memories of Paris was taking a cruise on the Seine at 9 o’clock at night, only to watch hundreds of Parisians line the river banks and enjoying life.  They danced, sang, played games, talked, drank, and ate.  On a Tuesday night.

It was awesome.

With intention, I have been working on slowing down myself and taking time to enjoy life.  Without sounding cliché, it’s the little things I’m focusing on.  Time with my husband.  Time with my kids.  Reading a good book outside under a tree.  Watching the clouds pass by.  Gardening.  Making homemade popsicles.  Eating good chocolate.  Drinking good wine.  Taking time to do nothing.  I’m trying to not over schedule things this summer for my family.  I want my kids to experience boredom so that they can discover the small things that they love.  We’re playing card games.  We’re going for lazy walks in the forest.  We’re swimming in the lake.  We’re staying up later.  We’re taking naps.

And it’s feeling pretty awesome.

Hoping this inspires you to do less of the busy stuff.

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