How do you help a community get healthy? Start with chiropractic.  At Anderson Chiropractic Group our goal is to provide exceptional chirorpactic care coupled with empowering health information that transforms how people choose to life their life.

When people are introduced to our office, they find it refreshing to experience our approach – a comfortable environment, a warm greeting from our team, chiropractors who truly listen and answer your questions, detailed consultations and exams, and chiropractic care that addresses the root cause of each person’s challenges.

We take care of you as we would take care of our own family.  Welcome.

:: Our Vision ::

You were born to be extraordinary.  Live your life the way you were designed.

Living a life full of health and vitality does go beyond the chiropractic adjustment.  We address different stresses in our lifestyle workshops, offered on a regular basis.  Information is power – and we help people take back their health by guiding them towards better lifestyle choices and giving them the support they need to be successful.

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