Dr. Andrea Ryan

c5760b5072e411e2912322000a1f933e_6A great day for me is if I’ve spent time with my family and inspired people to create better health for them self.  I love what I do and each day I make it my mission to inspire greatness in the people I take care of and the people I love.

I am from Barrie, Ontario, which I once again call my home after ten years of living in the United States.  I went to school in Marietta, Georgia where I met my husband, Dr. Tom Ryan.  Graduating from chiropractic college in 2002, we moved up to the tri-state area where we lived in Connecticut then New York and then New Jersey in a five year span.  We were basically nomads.  We even lived in a tent for two months one summer because…well…we had no money and no place to live.  At first I thought those two months would be something I would never talk about.  I mean, seriously?  I lived in a tent?  But I now look back at those two months as a huge learning experience as well as a reason to be ever so grateful for what I have in my life now.

We found out we were expecting our first child six months after getting married, and welcomed our daughter, Caleigh, into our lives in October of 2006.  We moved back to my hometown of Barrie when she was three months old where we began to work in the chiropractic office owned by my stepmom.  Within three years we welcomed our second little one into the world, our son Blake, and purchased the practice.   Three years after Blake, Maggie came along.  Life is great- we have the family we always wanted (three amazing children) and the family practice we always wanted.  For me, it’s the perfect combination.

A few other things about me.  I love to read, many of my favourite authors you will learn about through this blog.  I eat mostly paleo.  I CrossFit.  Oh, and I love to write.  It’s always been one of my passions.  I’ve been fortunate to fill that passion by being the health and wellness contributor to Snap Newspapers, as a contributor to the book Pearls of Wisdom: Pure and Powerful, and through this blog.  I am also currently writing a book on my personal experience as a mom and my expertise in the field of health as a chiropractor.

Thanks for checking this all out.


Want to connect?  Drop me an email at: drandrearyan@gmail.com



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